Come work in the MakerLab 2

UPDATE: Jan 29th  We have closed this search, and will get started soon with the lab.

We are looking for an enterprising student to help manage the new MakerLab ( ) being set up in the College of Business in Spring 2013. The lab will provide a unique and valuable resource for Illinois business students and faculty to gain hands-on experiential learning with 3D printing and help them become “Makers”. The lab will be open to all student organizations for projects and to faculty for class projects /research use.

The ideal candidate for this position will

  • Be a Sophomore/Junior or a masters student in the first year.( so that we can consider employing him/her for a couple of semesters)
  • Have skills in 3D design
  • a DIY believer :Be willing to work with machines and technology (and even undertake minor repairs) ,
  • Be willing to train others in using the technology.
  • Manage the lab website and social media accounts.
  • Assist in organizing promotional activities for the lab (offline/online)
  • Be available 15-20 hours a week from the Spring semester( about 3 hours per day, flexible schedule) .

If you are interested and/or have any questions, please send your resume, and a short note on how you meet these requirements by email to Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in the first week of classes (Jan 14-19th) in Spring 2013 .

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Director of the Illinois MakerLab. More information at or

2 thoughts on “Come work in the MakerLab

  • John Benoit

    Not sure if you are still looking, but I have experience with 3d modeling and printing and would be very interested in the position. I am a first year architecture graduate student.

    • uimakerlab

      We just hired the assistants last week. Thanks for your interest. Please do stay engaged with the lab, and come to the open house. Like our FB page, to be notified of the open house and lab schedule.