Akash Doshi

We are excited to launch a set of workshops on 3d printing, modeling and scanning. Take all four and become a certified maker, along with a Digital Badge that you can show on your profile on social media or LinkedIn!! 1. 3D printing 2. Basic 3D Design 3. Advanced 3D Design 4. […]

Become a Certified Maker

The International Sustainable Electronics Competition is one which urges the industrialized world to move towards more green initiatives and develop a more sustainable system for the development, use and management of electronic devices. Katie Kinley entered this competition as a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After talking […]

Meet the Maker: Katie Kinley

3D printing allows us to create, limited only by our own imagination and creativity. Boyu Ji is a prime example of this. He took advantage of an opportunity during his Agricultural and Biology Engineering course, ABE 498 on Environmental Control of Buildings and decided to print a Solar Angle Module. […]

Meet the Maker: Boyu Ji