Aric Rindfleisch

Approximately three years ago, the Illinois MakerLab opened as the world’s first 3D Printing Lab in a Business School. It was great being first but, over time, we began to get a bit lonely. Well, we are no longer alone. Over the past few months, several other business schools have […]

We are no Longer Alone!

After nearly 3 years and over 2o,ooo hours of cumulative printing, our Lab’s original MakerBot Replicator printers were nearing the end of their useful life. They served us well and printed thousands of objects for our users but were getting old and tired. Thus, we needed to replace them before […]

New Year brings New Printers!

The MakerLab is featured as the cover story of this semester’s Postmarks publication. Postmarks is an official publication of the University of Illinois News Bureau and is mailed to 65,000 parents of current and prospective undergraduate students. This story features our two for-credit courses (Digital Making, taught by Vishal Sachdev […]

Fostering entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary team work

Congratulations to Winnie & Ryan on their recent graduation from the University of Illinois!  Winnie and Ryan earned their BS in Engineering and are off to new adventures. Winnie will be working for Boeing in St. Louis, while Ryan is considering his options. We recently held a celebratory dinner at […]

Congrats to Winnie & Ryan!

We have a winner! The 2015 version of our Making Things class concluded with product presentations by each of our seven teams. These presentations were judged by both their fellow students as well as a expert panel of professors and practitioners, including Joe Bradley, Ravi Mehta, Jared Phipps, and Vishal […]

We Have a Winner!

The end of the semester is nearly upon us! Last week’s class began with a Skype visit by Lauren Slowick, Education Evangelist for Shapeways, which is the world’s leading 3D Printing marketplace. Lauren provided an overview of Shapeways and offered some very insightful thoughts about the future of 3D Printing. […]

Making Things Class Nears Home Stretch!