Achives Makers

The MakerLab Gurus are an integral part of the lab, helping with day to day functions, completing orders, and running workshops. We’ve decided to showcase some of the personal projects that our Guru’s are able to work on in their spare time. In this post, we will be looking at […]

Guru Spotlight: Billy

One of many workshops offered by the Illinois MakerLab over this summer was Project City X, an international education workshop taught by Ron Duncan from University of Illinois Extension, who manages the southern Illinois operations of the Illinois Marketplace and Maker Literacy project ( The workshop was geared toward students […]

Kids learning design thinking with 3d printing.

MakerGirl has been running sessions since November 2014. This past fall and spring 80 girls have gone through our MakerGirl workshops. This summer with our more frequent sessions we hope to quadruple the number of girls we can reach. Our mission is by 2025 there will be an equal number […]

Maker Spotlight: MakerGirl

The International Sustainable Electronics Competition is one which urges the industrialized world to move towards more green initiatives and develop a more sustainable system for the development, use and management of electronic devices. Katie Kinley entered this competition as a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After talking […]

Meet the Maker: Katie Kinley

3D printing allows us to create, limited only by our own imagination and creativity. Boyu Ji is a prime example of this. He took advantage of an opportunity during his Agricultural and Biology Engineering course, ABE 498 on Environmental Control of Buildings and decided to print a Solar Angle Module. […]

Meet the Maker: Boyu Ji