Achives MakingThingsClass

Last week’s class focused on shooting professional videos for each of our product teams. These videos were shot by John Tubbs and his crew from the eLearning Office at the College of Business and are intended to help market our products and/or seek additional funding for large scale manufacturing. It […]

Making Things Class Shoots Videos

Throughout the week before spring break, the teams in our Making Things Class worked on refining our product prototypes. Based on feedback from our instructors as well as fellow classmates, we have all created several iterations of our prototypes. For example, our latest iPhone speaker (called “Boost”) prototype features a […]

Making Things Class Refines Prototypes

During last week’s class, we analyzed our product’s concept (customizable clip-on dip bowl) test data to ascertain consumer interest in our product, willingness to pay, and potential questions and concerns. In general, consumer feedback for our concept (as well as the concepts our of classmates in general) seemed quite positive. […]

Making Things Class Finalizes Concepts