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We are often asked, “Can you make a large object using a 3D printer?” This is a good question. Although most of the objects that our users make are fairly small, it is possible to make large items using the printers in our Lab. Our MakerBot Replicator 2 printers have […]

Things we Make: Eiffel Tower

This summer, World Cup Fever spread to the MakerLab. Since many of our users are soccer fans, we regularly broadcasted World Cup games. In addition, Guru Kevin printed a set of World Cup Mascots. These mascots were designed by Ultimaker, downloaded from YouMagine, and printed in our Lab. Pictured below […]

Things We Make: World Cup Mascots

In recent months, our Lab has received lots of requests to make things for various units across our campus. Most recently, the Illinois Geometry Lab asked us to print 20 copies (Orange & Blue) of Altgeld Hall. This is one of the most iconic buildings on our campus. If you […]

Things we Make: Altgeld Hall