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The University of Illinois is proud to be opening Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Olivia Coiado, a teaching assistant professor within the college, explains that this is the first college of medicine in the nation that is specifically designed to blend engineering and medicine together. This new college is looking […]

Hearts for Carle College of Medicine   Recently updated!

We were honored to participate in the Pygmalion Tech Demo hosted at Krannert Center a few weeks ago. As you can imagine, this demo involved hundreds of newly inspired ideas from prototypes to demo stages to upcoming new technology. Some projects include HTC VR glasses (virtual reality glasses), a new […]

Pygmalion Tech Demo

The Illinois MakerLab is now open for business! Check out our hours and find a good time to stop in to explore what’s new at the lab? Snapchat Goggles We are excited to announce that we now have Snapchat Goggles at the lab! What are those you may ask? Imagine sunglasses […]

Welcome Back!

A very happy birthday to Kirk! We were honored that Kirk decided to spend his birthday with us at the lab. It was a day to remember as we threw a Mario themed 3D printing birthday party! Guests were able to 3D print pieces of a controller. Then Kirk and […]

Mario Themed Birthday Party

The MakerLab  was honored to be invited by Infosys Foundation USA to participate in a talk on how 3D printing can be used to enhance and improve learning. Infosys Foundation USA is a “non-profit organization passionate about bridging the digital divide in America*.” Infosys works to breach this gap of knowledge […]

Using 3D Printing to Enhance Learning

What’s new in 3D printing? Boeing has just announced its intent to 3D print structural titanium parts for its 787 Dreamliner. Miam Factory, a Belgium chocolate shop, 3D print’s their chocolate structures. Adidas has just created the first ever 3D printed shoe line. Scientists have discovered new ways of making […]

Looking at the Future of 3D Printing

Thinking about coming into the lab but don’t know what to print? Try doing what one visitor did, print characters from your favorite movie. In his case, Lord of the Rings! Or check out This website has loads of 3D models to choose from. Merely put in the topic […]

This Week of Making- Week 8