Volunteer Spotlight- Dash Kosaka

The MakerLab volunteers are a really important part of the lab. They help day to day welcoming makers, and assist with workshops and fixing printers.  Today, we will introduce you to one of our volunteers, Dash Kosaka! dash-1 dash

Dash started working in the MakerLab his freshman year after being recommended to try it out. When he started working here, he had never before seen a 3D printer before. And he had no idea how a 3D printer even worked. He is now a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering and is a huge part of the MakerLab team. Dash loves to work with the printers as opposed to the software or modeling. He deals with any problems that occur with the printer malfunctioning. Currently, he is working with our guru, Billy, to get the food printer up and running. Even though he works mostly behind the scenes to make sure the printers actually work, that does not mean he does not print anything. Here is some stuff Dash has printed during his time at the MakerLab.