Guru Interview- Linxi Liu

The MakerLab gurus are a really important part of the lab. They manage the lab by helping day to day makers set up prints, facilitate with workshops and fixing printers. We had the opportunity to interview one of our gurus, Linxi Liu, and now we will share her story with you.


Q. How did you first find the Illinois MakerLab?

A. About a year and a half ago, I took a Fusion 360 workshop offered by the MakerLab. It was in this workshop that I first got introduced to 3D printing and the opportunities offered at the MakerLab. I really enjoyed this workshop and signed on as a volunteer at the MakerLab the next semester.


Q. What made you to decide to work at MakerLab?

A. I found it cool and I wanted to learn more about it. After being a volunteer for the first year, I was offered a position of a guru. I accepted because it offered me a change to have more responsibility and opportunities in the lab. As a guru, I help facilitate workshops, run our online ordering systems and I am constantly talking to customers whether they come into the MakerLab or if it’s through our online ordering system.


Q. What is your main job here?

A. My main job is to make sure that the lab is operating smoothly. I help students and faculty set up prints and answer any questions they may have about 3D printing. I also deal with 3D hub orders which is our online ordering system that we get a lot of big orders from external customers.


Q. What is the best part of working in the lab?

A. The best part is meeting and talking to other volunteers and gurus at the lab. It is a great opportunity to talk with many different people with different background. I also enjoy talking with people who visit our lab. From alumni to students to faculty everyone has a story about why they came into the lab and I love hearing it!


Q. What are some improvement that lab should have?

A. The printers. I really hope some of the printers get fixed because we have a couple that have been out of order for a while.


Q. Any last things to say?

A. I hope any students who are interested in 3D printing visit our lab. I am always there to help you guys!

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