MakerLab Workshop Series Bought to you by Autodesk Fusion 360

The MakerLab workshop series has been a huge success and we have Autodesk Fusion 360 to thank for this. Thanks to their support we have managed to spread the Maker spirit across campus to students and faculty members and even the Champaign Urbana Community. Currently, the workshop series includes  3D Printing, Basic 3D Design(TinkerCad), Advanced 3D Design(Inventor), 3D Scanning and the MakerGirls series. With the support from Autodesk, we are developing another workshop in Advanced 3D Design using Fusion 360. Autodesk has also launched an initiative to enhance student skills in 3D Modeling, by incentivizing them to create Cool 3D Models. The response for these workshops has been phenomenal. All workshops were filled up within just a few hours! We will be offering more workshops very soon. So far we have had 210 sign ups for the 17 workshops organized for March and April.  In addition,  we have 48 sign ups for the MakerGirls workshop series!

Workshop series
Workshop series

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Become a Certified Maker

We are excited to launch a set of workshops on 3d printing, modeling and scanning. Take all four and become a certified maker, along with a Digital Badge that you can show on your profile on social media or LinkedIn!! 1. 3D printing 2. Basic 3D Design 3. Advanced 3D Design 4. 3D Scanning

These workshops have been designed to help you understand the fundamentals and get you hands-on practice in each session. The workshops start with the basics of 3D printing and go on to more advanced methods of 3D modeling and end with a workshop on 3D scanning. All courses must be completed in order to be certified by the MakerLab. We guarantee you an evening of fun and learning. Hurry! Each workshop is limited to 10 students!

Find out more and sign up for the Workshops now.

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MakerLab Hosts MSBA Students

Last Friday, our Lab hosted 40 students from our College's Masters of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) program. These students received a tour of the Lab and had the opportunity to create their own customizable key chains. Although none of these students had any prior exposure to 3D printing technology, within less than 30 minutes, they were turning their ideas into objects! What ideas for objects do you have? Stop by our Lab and make your dreams reality!

Film & Filament Night (September 26)



On Friday, September 26 (from 6pm to 8pm), the MakerLab will host its second Film & Filament night. We will be premiering Print the Legend on our big 70 inch HDTV and designing and printing objects linked to the movie’s theme. This is a totally free event and open to everyone on campus. We will also be providing free food and drink. So please stop by for some pizza, popcorn, and plastic! Share the news.

Makerlab at the Alumni Spring Luncheon

The College of Business alumni association put up a great event in Chicago, bringing together over a thousand alumni for the annual spring luncheon. It was a privilege to provide 3D printed souvenirs ( block I's ) for each table. One lucky person at each table was able to take that home.We had several conversations with alumni about the potential for this technology and many of them were amazed at the fact that the College of Business had taken leadership in this space.

3D Prints in the Alma Mater Time Capsule

Time Capsule
Time Capsule

Earlier this month, the Alma Mater returned to campus and withit a time capsule was placed into the base of the statue. Inside of the time capsule the College of Business placed two 3D printed models, a mini MakerLab keychain and a scale model of Altgeld created by the Illinois Geometry Lab, which is housed at Altgeld itself. The Alma Mater is one of the most recognized symbols of the University and has represented our motto of 'Learning and Labor' since its unveiling in 1929. Since the statue has been restored, it will now stand for many years to come housing the 3D prints within the capsule until it is opened in the future.