MakerLab supports students at HackIllinois

The Illinois MakerLab partnered with HackIllinois to lead a workshop on 3D printing conducted by our Guru, Danny Lohan. Students learned the capabilities of 3D printing in both small and large scale applications. MakerLab (26 of 45)MakerLab (44 of 45)MakerLab (16 of 45)

They also learned about the procedure involved in actually printing something. This was in preparation for the HackIllinois event the following weekend, where students developed their own products, and some of the teams used our free 3D printing services provided at the event. Find out more about the cool products designed at the lab on our Youtube Channel

3D Printing at Admitted Student's Day

The College of Fine + Applied Arts demonstrated 3D printing with MakerLab printers, to the newly admitted students at Temple Buell Hall during the welcome reception. The display was organized by Kristi Martin, the Associate Director for Recruitment, Matt McNeilly and Crystal Sheu. This partnership showed many incoming students the resources that the university has to offer  and the exciting capabilities of 3D printing.


The MakerLab attracts majors from over 20 different units across campus, including the arts, helping them “Learn, Make and Share”.  Stay tuned to us on Twitter and Facebook.

MakerLab and UI Innovate at EOH

This past Friday the MakerLab partnered up with student organization, UI-Innovate, to share the magic of 3D printing at the Engineering Open House. Each year Engineering Open House attracts thousands of people to learn about innovations at the university and from corporate partners. UI-Innovate heads Jake Smolin and Danny Lohan demonstrated the functionality of the Makerbot to interested visitors by printing Illinois Keychains and Eiffel Towers, and shared how engineering majors are working in a lab in a College of Business and helping people make things. Both children and adults alike marveled at the new dimension of the world that 3D printing revealed .unnamed 20140314_102240

Find out what others are making at the Lab, and come make something.  The makerlab attracts majors from over 20 different units across campus, helping them “Learn, Make and Share”.  Stay tuned to us on twitter or Facebook.

MakerLabbers Make RGB Trippy Wave Lights

This past weekend, the MakerLab hosted a special workshop led by Mitch Altman. Mitch (and Illinois alum) is Co-Founder of Noisebridge (one of the first hackerspaces in the US) and CEO of Cornfield Electronics (maker of TV-B-Gone). Mitch, who travels the world teaching people how to make things, as been an artist at resident here at Illinois for the past two weeks). In this workshop, Mitch taught a group of MakerLabbers how to create a battery-operated LED light device that flashes various colors (using the Red-Blue-Green color spectrum). This device has an infrared sensor that restarts the color pattern when a hand is waved over it. Using soldering irons, we connected a set of resistors, capacitors, controllers, lights, and a battery to a circuit board. Making these light kits was great fun and relatively easy and is a great illustration of how making things (including electronic devices) on your own can be an alternative to buying things in a store.

Please see our events listing for information about other workshops that we plan to hold this semester. You can sign up to be a member as well, to get invites to exclusive events and get some discounts on your prints. We hope to see you there.

Film & Filament night (Thursday, December 12)

On Thursday, December 12 (from 6pm to 9pm), the MakerLab will host its first Film & Filament night. We will be showing National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on our big 70 inch HDTV and designing and printing objects linked to the movie's theme, such as Santa figurines and holiday ornaments. This is a totally free event and open to everyone on campus(only 20 spots, First come, first served) . We will also be providing free food. So please stop by for some pizza, popcorn, and plastic! Share the news

Learn, Make, Share at the MakerLab on Fridays

shirt_1024x1024 On Fridays from 11:00 to 12:00, the MakerLab will be holding workshops on a variety of digital making topics including, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and how to tinker with open hardware. A list of scheduled workshops is available at If you have skills in 3D modeling/printing or in working with open hardware (arduinos, raspberry pi's, etc) and would like to offer a workshop, please contact us at UIMakerLab AT illinois DOT edu. Join the Maker movement at Illinois. Subscribe to our blog RSS feed to be the first to hear about events, new tutorials, and other exciting news from the MakerLab.  Or Like our Facebook page to stay connected and follow us on Twitter.