MakerLab Practicum

We are excited to be releasing a new program starting at the MakerLab! From fall 2018 we will be offering an independent study/practicum that allows students to gain credit by working at the lab! Each position would be tailored to the students major so there is something for everyone. Student participating in this program can work on design work, project management, digital marketing, financing, customer relationships and more. Below is some more information about this new program offered! Come join the amazing team here at the MakerLab!


Credit hours: 1, 2 or 3

(1) Work in the lab (30, 60 or 90 hours per semester). Focus on areas relevant to your major: operations, marketing, sales, finance/accounting (a bit) , HR, fund raising , design, Information systems, R&D(client projects).
(2) Develop a lab-based project and solve some issues relevant to your major.  
(3) Write a blog post about what you learned during this experience /results from your project and publish it. 

Benefits: Hands-on learning, interdisciplinary exposure, customer-facing skill development, discounted 3D printing. Build client management skills, solve problems for customers, find innovative solutions to mechanical problems with the equipment or design solutions for clients using 3d CAD software.  
Eligibility: Any University of Illinois student

Supervisors: Aric Rindfleisch or Vishal Sachdev

Trainers: Current Guru's and online videos for additional training and resources

Available: Starting Fall 2018

Interested? Email Aric Rindfleisch ( AND Vishal Sachdev ( by September 4 for the Fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.