Summer of ‘Making’ at the Lab

Our Summer 2017 schedule will be released in March. Details below are for Summer 2016, and we intend to offer similar and some new workshops. Our Regular semester workshops are available.

Join us this summer for a variety of fun workshops we will be hosting at the MakerLab!

This summer we’re offering different kinds of workshops, with some thing for everyone.

1.NEW! Design Thinking and 3D printing: Age 8-13 –  Humans have just landed on an alien planet. They need inventions that solve challenges relating to health, safety, communication, transportation  Solve them using Design thinking and 3d modeling/printing .

2. A series of four  workshops for anyone age 15+.(Younger kids 11-14 allowed with parents) Finish all four workshops and you could get a Maker Certificate from the Illinois MakerLab! These are offered on weekday evenings on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 pm starting the week of May 30th

3. Three half-day 3D Modeling and Printing Deep Dive:  learn all about 3D printing and modeling with Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

4. Engaging workshops for girls aged 7-11 organized by the MakerGirls.

5. Minecraft + 3d Printing :

6. Finally, if you want to take our online course in 3d printing,

Additionally, we’re excited to offer a new option to host birthday parties at the MakerLab. Come and experience a summer of making at the Illinois MakerLab!

CityX- Learn Design Thinking with 3D Modeling/Printing – Age 8-13

Join us for this innovative workshop following the CityXProject Template.

This workshop is for 8-13 year olds, and is spread over two days.

Date TBD


The City X Project is an international education workshop for 8-12 year-old students that teaches creative problem solving using 3D technologies and the design process.This Common Core aligned curriculum helps the children learn design thinking and gives them the tools to solve the challenge.

Humans have just landed on an alien planet and they’ve staked out an area for their first city, City X. They need inventions that solve challenges relating to health, safety, communication, transportation, and more. These inventions are to be created by a vast team of young designers all around Earth.

It’s up to the City X designers (in teams) to solve the real-world problems of 32 characters living in City X. During the workshop, students use the Stanford design process along with 3D modeling and printing technologies to invent, prototype, and test their solutions.

Empathize, Define, & Ideate

Students are introduced to the challenges on City X. Each kid is assigned a character whose problem they will solve. Brainstorming gets the best ideas to start developing.

Prototyping & Testing

Using basic tools like clay, paper, and markers, student designers create prototypes of their inventions. They then pitch their ideas to testing groups of peers and teachers for feedback that can help improve their creations.


Students use simple 3D modeling software to create 3D models of their inventions, which can then be printed on a 3D printer in the classroom and can be instantly shared with anyone in the world.

More information at

The cost for this workshop is on cost recovery basis only and thus very reasonably priced. It will be lead by an experienced educator who has done several such workshops, from the University of Illinois Extension. He will be supported by mentors from the Design for America Student chapter and Makerlab Guru’s.

Early Bird(till June 1st): $49 + eventbrite Fees

General Admission : $59 + eventbrite Fees



Maker Certificate Workshop Series –  Evening Workshops, 90 minutes each – Age 15+ (Younger kids 11-14 allowed with parents)

Sign up for our fun introductory summer workshops held for faculty, staff, and students throughout the UIUC and Urbana-Champaign community! Take one or take all four, and get a certificate from the makerlab. Offered every Wednesday and some Mondays in Summer.

Who:  Participants age 15 & older are welcome.

Cost: $15+ Service fees to be paid online at Eventbrite. Credit/debit cards accepted.


Time : 5:30 to 7:00 pm on Wednesdays and some mondays.

Click on any of the bold orange links to go to eventbrite to register for one or all four of the workshops.

Basic 3D Printing Workshop

This workshop is an introduction into the world of 3D printing. In this workshop our Gurus will provide a brief overview of the MakerLab and 3D printing. Different printing methodologies, as well as their benefits and limitations will also be covered during this session. This session will demonstrate how to operate a 3D printer and how to download, prepare, and print digital files from a digital library (Thingiverse). In addition, attendees will receive a brief demonstration about both 3D modeling and 3D scanning. One lucky participant in each class will have the opportunity to receive a free 3D portrait!

3D Design with TinkerCad Workshop

This workshop will demonstrate how to operate a basic 3D Design Software package (Tinkercad). Participants in this workshop will use this software to design a customized keychain that can be printed in our lab. The skills learned this workshop can be easily applied to create a wide variety of fun and useful 3D printable objects.

3D Design with Fusion 360 Workshop

This workshop will teach you the basics of a more advanced 3D software package (Autodesk  Fusion 360). This workshop will teach participants two important modeling skills (free-form modeling and parametric modeling). The skills learned this workshop can be easily applied to create advanced 3D printable objects, such as objects with unique shapes and movable parts.

3D Scanning workshop

The 3D scanning workshop will provide an overview of how 3D scanning works, the different scanners available in the lab and on campus and a demonstration of how to scan both people and objects. After completing this workshop, participants will be able to create their own 3D photocopies! Each participant gets their free head scan and print(a $15 value) as part of this final workshop and then a certificate.


3D Printing/Modeling/Scanning Camp-Three (half) Days  – Age 14 to 24

Take a deep dive into 3d Printing, Modeling and scanning, all together, over five half-day sessions. These will be more in depth than the 90 minute sessions, and you will gain expertise in 3d printing, 3d modeling using Tinkercard and Fusion 360 and 3d scanning. Age 14 to 24

Please note that these are half day workshops only from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Dates- TBD

Day 1 : 3d Printing deep dive : You will even learn how the printers work, and might even learn to fix one!  Tinkering with Tinkercad,

Day 2 : Parametric modeling with Fusion 360 and then scan yourself and 3d print a mini me.

Day 3: Non-Parametric Modeling with Fusion 360.


Cost :

General Admission : $59 +eventbrite fees

MakerGirl Workshops for Girls Age 7-11

Have a daughter aged 7-11 who’s always been interested in ‘making’ things? Sign up for MakerGirl’s fabulous summer workshops at the lab and get your daughter introduced to careers in STEM. Learn more and register for workshops at!



Organize Your Next BIRTHDAY PARTY at the Illinois MakerLab!

We are opening up the lab for reservations for fun, Making-themed birthday parties. Invite your friends to learn the basics of 3D printing and create customized keychains for all your party attendees right here at the Lab. Also included in the party package is a free 3D face scan of the birthday child to take home a personalized, 3D-printed sculpture of him/herself.

Cost: $15 per attendee (minimum charge of $150/10 attendees)

What’s Included? Instruction from one of our expert gurus, the necessary materials for activities, time in the lab, as well as the printed objects that attendees can take home(party favors taken care of!). A maximum of 15 attendees can be accommodated. A 2 x 5 table will also be available for food/cake. Please ensure to bring your own food and party supplies – we do not provide food, cakes, table covers, silverware, or plates.

Time: Parties will be 2 hours long and include time for food/cake.

Instructions: Parents will need to drop off/pick up their kids inside the lab, and sign some paperwork.

Please Note: Attendees must be 7 years or older to participate in a MakerLab Birthday Party

Book Now! Send us an email with a requested Saturday date/time to check our availability in June and July.