Making Things Class Examines 3D Printing Opportunities

During this week’s Making Things class, we began brainstorming 3D printing opportunities. Four students from last year’s class (Brady, Jon, Jake, and Kevin) visited and shared some great advice based on their experiences building and designing their own products. We then came up with various problem areas to address possible consumer needs and ideas to […]


MT 2015-2

Making Things 2015 Begins!

The 2015 edition of our Making Things Class began last Wednesday with 21 students (7 each from Art & Design, Business & Engineering). During our first session, these students formed interdisciplinary teams, came up with a team name, and designed and printer their team logo. They also participated in an conference call with two members […]

MakerLab Featured in Emerging Tech. Report

The new Illinois Emerging Technology Report (created by Jamie Nelson) prominently features the MakerLab as an exemplar of the emerging Maker Movement on the University of Illinois campus. According to this report, “The University of Illinois and surrounding community have embraced, and is at the forefront of, the Maker Movement.”This report includes a set of […]



Welcome Back!

After a long and cold winter break, the spring semester is just around the corner! Students, faculty, and staff are gearing up for the start of classes. Our Lab is no exception. The MakerLab will reopen on Thursday, January 22 at 1:00 pm. The detailed schedule is available as well. Need some inspiration? Look at […]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year. 2014 was a busy year for our Lab–we experienced a 30% increase in our number of users, added more 3D printers (we now have 14 in total) and a new 3D scanner, and obtained a large grant to establish satellite labs in Chicago & Anna, IL. 2015 promises to be […]



MakerGirls project a resounding success

MakerGirl, a University of Illinois student venture, launched a pilot session of its program on Tuesday, December 2 in the Business Instructional Facility’s MakerLab. The project was co-founded by Lizzy Engele, Julia Haried, Sophie Li, and Emily Woodward this fall in Professor Noah Isserman’s Social Entrepreneurship class. MakerGirl aims to use the MakerLab’s innovative space […]

Meet Rex

Meet Rex, our new MakerLab mascot. Rex is a large scale version of a T-Rex Skull (designed by MakerBot) that we downloaded from Thingiverse (Thing 308355). This skull was printed in 14 different pieces which we glued together. The total printing process took over 70 hours! It is printed in glow-in-the-dark filament and it works […]

Rex 1

Free Print Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm, all prints (one hour or less) are free of charge! In less than an hour you could print lots of cool and useful things such as one wrench, two iPhone cases, or three whistles.

Our new Toolchest!

Due to our expanding operations, our lab has been running a bit short on storage space. This new Craftsman Toolchest is just the answer. As shown here by Guru Winnie, this new toolchest is huge and will enable us to store more materials to help turn your ideas into objects!

New Tool Box

Meet the Maker: Jake Holland – A.k.a Iron Man

Join us for the first in a bi-weekly series of  “Meet the Maker” evenings at the Lab, with Jake Holland of Iron Man fame. In each such session, the maker will share how he/she made the project and just answer questions you may have about the project. These are not formal workshops, but just way […]