Make your own Halloween Costume!

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are like us, you are still trying to decide what costume you will wear this year. Store bought costumes are cliche, expensive, and often fit poorly. Fortunately, our Lab can fix this! Using the power of 3D printing, you can create your a customize and unique costume […]


Workshop in progress

MakerLab Hosts MSBA Students

Last Friday, our Lab hosted 40 students from our College’s Masters of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) program. These students received a tour of the Lab and had the opportunity to create their own customizable key chains. Although none of these students had any prior exposure to 3D printing technology, within less than 30 minutes, […]

MakerLab supports student startups at

The MakerLab is a sponsor for the weekend startup event organized by students for students, at the University of Illinois. Teams of students working on physical products for their startups will have free access to the MakerLab during special weekend hours this weekend.

The MakerLab has supported several startups and entrepreneurs. Find out more in the videos below. Subscribe to our youtube channel to get more videos about the lab, follow us on twitter or Like us on Facebook.




Film & Filament Night (September 26)

    On Friday, September 26 (from 6pm to 8pm), the MakerLab will host its second Film & Filament night. We will be premiering Print the Legend on our big 70 inch HDTV and designing and printing objects linked to the movie’s theme. This is a totally free event and open to everyone on campus. […]

Free Print Wednesdays are Back!

In response to popular demand, the MakerLab brings back Free Print Wednesdays! Every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm, all prints (one hour or less) are free of charge! In less than an hour you could print lots of cool and useful things such as one wrench, two iPhone cases, or three whistles. This semester, the […]


Meet the Maker : Matthew Schroyer

Matthew Shroyer is a tinkerer bar none. He is journalist, robotics enthusiast, STEM educator and Maker all rolled into one. He is designing a new board with sensors for urban air pollution and is planning on a kickstarter soon. He came to the makerlab to prototype some cases for his sensor. Find out more at […]

Try our New Flexible Filament!

People often wonder what sort of materials can be 3D printed. Actually, 3D printers can print a wide variety of materials including plastics, metals, wood, paper, and even chocolate! Most of the printing done in our Lab uses a material called PLA, which is a strong, hard, and rigid thermoplastic made from corn. PLA is […]

Flex Filament 3

Meet the Maker : Greg Damhorst

Greg Damhorst( is a bio engineering student (we seem to be getting a lot of them!) who designed and printed a custom piece of equipment for his lab over a weekend, starting from scratch! Meet the other makers on our Youtube Channel

Things we Make: Eiffel Tower

We are often asked, “Can you make a large object using a 3D printer?” This is a good question. Although most of the objects that our users make are fairly small, it is possible to make large items using the printers in our Lab. Our MakerBot Replicator 2 printers have a print capacity of 410 […]

Eifel Tower