MakerLab featured in College of Business Video

We have been featured in a video created by the College of Business communications team, which is to be advertised to all prospective students and other audiences who engage with us. This clearly shows the importance that the college places in initiatives which allow us to offer a world class education to our students, who […]

Lab Closure for the rest of Summer

We have been fortunate to have the Lab guru’s available during summer to keep the lab open, but they need a break too. To allow our Guru’s some well deserved time off for their vacations, the Lab will close for the rest of summer and we will open again in the first week of classes […]

Does the ability to customize design affect product adoption and satisfaction?

This post is contributed by Greg Fisher, who conducted research on the question above, in partnership with the MakerLab. This post is part of our series on research at the lab, in addition to our initiatives in Education and Outreach. While the future applications of 3D printing technology continue to emerge, it is already apparent […]

Customizations available to the students


MakerLab Featured in ICIC Webinar

Earlier this week, MakerLab Executive Director Aric Rindfleisch gave a presentation titled, “3D Printing: The Next Manufacturing Revolution?” as part of ICIC’s CEO Webinar Series. ICIC stands for Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes development of US Inner City Businesses. ICIC was founded by Professor Michael Porter (Harvard […]

Makerlab at the Alumni Spring Luncheon

The College of Business alumni association put up a great event in Chicago, bringing together over a thousand alumni for the annual spring luncheon. It was a privilege to provide 3D printed souvenirs ( block I’s ) for each table. One lucky person at each table was able to take that home. We had several […]

At the Luncheon

Making Things Class Shoots Videos

Last week’s class focused on shooting professional videos for each of our product teams. These videos were shot by John Tubbs and his crew from the eLearning Office at the College of Business and are intended to help market our products and/or seek additional funding for large scale manufacturing. It was awesome working with a […]

Making Things Class Nears the Finish Line!

This week’s class was focused on refining and finishing up our final models. Many of us were finalizing details and were able to make progress on the scripts for our video pitches as well. We had another video conference with John Tubbs to work out the final details of our upcoming video recordings. As you […]

Mr Jam Side

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MakerLab supports students at HackIllinois

The Illinois MakerLab partnered with HackIllinois to lead a workshop on 3D printing conducted by our Guru, Danny Lohan. Students learned the capabilities of 3D printing in both small and large scale applications. They also learned about the procedure involved in actually printing something. This was in preparation for the HackIllinois event the following weekend, where […]

3D Prints in the Alma Mater Time Capsule

Earlier this month, the Alma Mater returned to campus and with it a time capsule was placed into the base of the statue. Inside of the time capsule the College of Business placed two 3D printed models, a mini MakerLab keychain and a scale model of Altgeld created by the Illinois Geometry Lab, which is housed at […]

Time Capsule


Visiting Scholar Attends Making Things Class

Our “Making Things” class was excited to host Alex Mitchell for the past two weeks. Alex(@MarketTheory) is a PhD candidate at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada and is researching how 3D printing in specific and the hackerspace movement in general is impacting both academics and business. According to Alex, “In most business theory, we tend […]