All new Ultimaker 2 printers in the Makerlab
As a service focused towards makers who are new to the world of 3D printing, we are happy to announce Free Print Wednesdays sponsored by Ultimaker, who have just provided all new printers at the lab. Every Wednesday from 11 am to 2 pm, all prints that print in one […]

Free Print Wednesdays Sponsored by Ultimaker   Recently updated !

We started as the first business school based MakerLab in early 2013 and have had thousands of students, faculty,staff, community members, small businesses, and corporates learn about ‘making’. We have had over 21,000 hours of printing done in the lab, and were lucky to get a new year gift of […]

Bring 3D Printing to the world in the New ...

MakerBot 1 1
After nearly 3 years and over 2o,ooo hours of cumulative printing, our Lab’s original MakerBot Replicator printers were nearing the end of their useful life. They served us well and printed thousands of objects for our users but were getting old and tired. Thus, we needed to replace them before […]

New Year brings New Printers!

Dean Conference
Earlier this month, the Illinois MakerLab successfully hosted its first 3D Printing Conference, with over forty faculty and students in attendance from across our campus. The conference began with Dean Brown delivering a set of opening remarks and was followed by interesting presentations by John Hornick [Finnegan & Associates], Jeff […]

3D Printing Conference a Big Success

Illinois MakerLab is excited to be sending one of our gurus, Scott Zelman, as a representative for the Mini Maker Faire! The Mini Maker Faire will be hosted at the Barnes and Noble store located in Champaign this weekend, November 6-8. Melissa Lunderby, the Community Business Development Manager at the […]

Barnes and Noble Hosting “Mini Maker Faire”

Nora Benson - undergraduate student who used the MakerLab.
The MakerLab is featured as the cover story of this semester’s Postmarks publication. Postmarks is an official publication of the University of Illinois News Bureau and is mailed to 65,000 parents of current and prospective undergraduate students. This story features our two for-credit courses (Digital Making, taught by Vishal Sachdev […]

Fostering entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary team work

Birthdays at the MakerLab! This past summer, the Illinois MakerLab hosted its first ever birthday party! What better way to celebrate your big day than making yourself a gift? This party consisted of a mixture of children and their parents. We had one of our expert gurus lead the workshop for […]

MakerLab would love to host YOUR next birthday!

Students discuss the Ultimaker 2 and its value to the process of making things
Quad Day featuring the Ultimaker 2! MakerLab and MakersUIUC welcomed students to campus on Quad Day 2015. Last Sunday, August 23, MakerLab was very excited to display its new Ultimaker 2 3D printer! The Ultimaker 2 was generously provided to the lab by Ultimaker to help educate students on 3D […]

MakerLab Shows Off New Ultimaker 2

All of the Bootcamp particiapants and hosts gathered around Autodesk CEO Carl Bass
 Autodesk 360 Fusion Boot Camp My name is Scott Zelman, and I’m a Guru at Illinois Makerlab. This August I had the opportunity to travel to the Autodesk location in San Francisco, CA, to participate in a Student Experts Bootcamp and learn Fusion 360, Autodesk’s newest 3D modeling software. I […]

Autodesk’s NEWEST Software – A first-hand account

Ultimaker Unboxed!
We are back in full swing for the Fall! Our new hours are announced. We had some exciting developments over summer and more to come in the Fall. We have recently received an Ultimaker 2 for testing, and are working on a partnership with Ultimaker, which will help us change […]

We’re back in Business for Fall 2015