Making Mr. Jaws at the MakerLab

This video introduces the Illinois MakerLab and demonstrates the workflow for getting something printed at the lab. The example used in the demo is called Mr. Jaws, which is a test print that is used to test a new Replicator 2 printer. This video was made by Ms. Hyewon Cho , a Phd Student in […]

Mark C.

Mark Cotteleer Visits Making Things Class   Recently updated !

Last week’s Making Things class was enriched by a (video) visit by Dr. Mark Cotteleer. Mark is a research director at Deloitte and a leading expert in additive manufacturing. He has written extensively on this topic and is also the lead instructor for a new online course on Additive Manufacturing. Mark provided our class with […]

Sharing our learning from the Making Things Course   Recently updated !

Aric Rindflesich, the Executive Director of the MakerLab, was invited to present about the innovative approaches to student learning at the Teaching with Technology Brown Bag Series sponsored by CITL and CITES . The session attracted educators and learning professionals from across campus, interested in learning about the interdisciplinary, team based and student led approach […]

Aric at the Brownbag

3D Printer

Become a Certified Maker   Recently updated !

We are excited to launch a set of workshops on 3d printing, modeling and scanning. Take all four and become a certified maker, along with a Digital Badge that you can show on your profile on social media or LinkedIn!! 1. 3D printing 2. Basic 3D Design 3. Advanced 3D Design 4. 3D Scanning These workshops have […]

MakerLab + Weddings = Happiness   Recently updated !

One of our departmental office administrators (Sarah) is getting married next month. To celebration this wonderful event, we recently held a wedding shower for her and her fiancee (Jared). Their primary wedding color is lilac and are trying to use this color in all of their wedding-related materials. Unfortunately, they had difficulty finding a lilac […]

Wedding Cake Topper


Making Things Class Conducts Concept Testing

Last week’s class was kicked off with a visit from Dr. Vishal Sachdev, the Director of the MakerLab. Dr. Sachdev gave our class some tips for making and provided an overview of his Digital Makings class, which is taught in our Lab on Tuesdays. After Dr. Sachdev’s visit, we got down to work. The goal […]

National Medal of Science : Designed and Printed at the Lab

Carl Richard Woese was a great microbiologist and a biophysicist. He held the Stanley O. Ikenberry Chair and was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This great man passed away on December 30, 2012. Today we commemorate this great man and his accomplishments. Nicholas Vasi, Director of Communications, Institute for Genomic […]


Digital Making Class Learns Design Thinking

Guest Post by : Olzhas Ayazbayev, a student in the #DigitalMaking Course On the February 3rd.we had two guest speakers from the Design for America team. They showed us an interesting way of solving problems through the human-centered design process. We hope to use this approach in several other projects during this class. The specific […]

Making Things Class Conducts Concept Audit

The goal of the this week’s class was to narrow down our three ideas from the previous week to just one!  To do this, each team conducted a Concept Audit. The audit required each team to describe various aspects of their idea, including its design, target market, value proposition, and manufacturing process. Our group (Minion […]


Meet the Maker : Austin Keating

Sometimes you can settle for a $20 lamp from Target, but other times, you want something more. Recently, an amateur Maker came to the Makerlab to look at his options.Austin Keating, a Junior at the University of Illinois, came to the lab in September and found what he was looking for on thingiverse: A Jigsaw […]