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MakerGirl has been running sessions since November 2014. This past fall and spring 80 girls have gone through our MakerGirl workshops. This summer with our more frequent sessions we hope to quadruple the number of girls we can reach. Our mission is by 2025 there will be an equal number […]

Maker Spotlight: MakerGirl

Caterpillar representatives visited the MakerLab in Spring to learn more about how our approach to learning by making, was resulting in innovative new solutions to real world challenges. They were also very interested in the way we were able to bring together students from different majors in teams to make […]

Caterpillar supports the MakerLab with a $7500 course and program ...

Last week, we held our first session of our 3-Day High School Robotics & 3D Modeling Workshop for the summer. Teens of various ages participated in this workshop over the course of 3 days where they had access to world-class software & resources to ultimately build their own remote-controlled car! […]

Session #1 of 3-Day HS Robotics & 3D Modeling Workshop: ...

Pollen grains printed by the MakerLab. Orange represents a water-willow pollen. Yellow was taken from a white spruce. Photo by Kathryn Coulter
These giant pollen grains were created from the Pollen Power summer day camp, hosted by the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB). Created to help middle-school girls foster their interest in the sciences, Pollen Power campers study plant responses to climate change in the distant past to the […]

Giant Pollen grains helping kids understand climate change

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Berkley Walker at the Institute for Genomic Biology, needed a low fidelity solution for elemental analysis,  instead of a high fidelity and high cost off the shelf model. Our Guru, Brian, customized the tolerances on some parts on thingiverse and helped build a custom DIY solution, which saved them a […]

X-Y Positioning Table for Institute of Genomic Biology

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We had the pleasure of hosting high school students attending the ImaginationU Summer Camp organized by the College of Media. They visited the MakerLab to learn about 3d printing, and how physical things are becoming digital, and then back to physical.   While chaperoning the students at the lab, Kyle […]

Ideas to products in 24 hours – #imaginationU summer Camp

Guest Post by Nora and Sam, students in the first Digital Making class at the MakerLab. This semester Nora and I worked with Enabling the Future on designing and printing 3D prosthetics. Nora found the company and Vishal helped with getting in touch with the e-NABLE team at SXSW. From […]

Enabling the Future, one #3dprinted hand at a time

The MakerLab was setup with a mission to allow users to experience “making” with digital technologies, and show them that it is possible for everyone to be a maker. We have had the pleasure of hosting several hundred makers over the last two years, from across campus, area schools, and […]

Celebrating the #NationOfMakers and the Week of Making

Guest post by Arielle, Mark, Sebastian , students from the first Digital Making class in Spring 2015 We were already well into the first month of class, and I still couldn’t decide what I was going to do in my semester long project . Then Vishal told us we were […]

Meet the Maker : Arielle Rausin

Winnie & Ryan
Congratulations to Winnie & Ryan on their recent graduation from the University of Illinois!  Winnie and Ryan earned their BS in Engineering and are off to new adventures. Winnie will be working for Boeing in St. Louis, while Ryan is considering his options. We recently held a celebratory dinner at […]

Congrats to Winnie & Ryan!