Meet the Maker : Matthew Schroyer

Matthew Shroyer is a tinkerer bar none. He is journalist, robotics enthusiast, STEM educator and Maker all rolled into one. He is designing a new board with sensors for urban air pollution and is planning on a kickstarter soon. He came to the makerlab to prototype some cases for his sensor. Find out more at […]

Flex Filament 3

Try our New Flexible Filament!

People often wonder what sort of materials can be 3D printed. Actually, 3D printers can print a wide variety of materials including plastics, metals, wood, paper, and even chocolate! Most of the printing done in our Lab uses a material called PLA, which is a strong, hard, and rigid thermoplastic made from corn. PLA is […]

Meet the Maker : Greg Damhorst

Greg Damhorst( is a bio engineering student (we seem to be getting a lot of them!) who designed and printed a custom piece of equipment for his lab over a weekend, starting from scratch! Meet the other makers on our Youtube Channel

Eifel Tower

Things we Make: Eiffel Tower

We are often asked, “Can you make a large object using a 3D printer?” This is a good question. Although most of the objects that our users make are fairly small, it is possible to make large items using the printers in our Lab. Our MakerBot Replicator 2 printers have a print capacity of 410 […]

Villagers excited by the 3D printer installed in the village

MakerLab Installs 3D printer in a village near Chennai, India

The MakerLab has partnered with the Marketplace literacy project to see if providing rapid prototyping equipment to consumers in subsistence marketplaces can help create products customized for their needs and even create lively hood opportunities. As part of this experiment, Vishal Sachdev, the director of the Lab visited the village to install a 3D printer […]

Things We Make: World Cup Mascots

This summer, World Cup Fever spread to the MakerLab. Since many of our users are soccer fans, we regularly broadcasted World Cup games. In addition, Guru Kevin printed a set of World Cup Mascots. These mascots were designed by Ultimaker, downloaded from YouMagine, and printed in our Lab. Pictured below are the mascots for the […]


MakerLab featured in College of Business Video

We have been featured in a video created by the College of Business communications team, which is to be advertised to all prospective students and other audiences who engage with us. This clearly shows the importance that the college places in initiatives which allow us to offer a world class education to our students, who […]

Lab Closure for the rest of Summer

We have been fortunate to have the Lab guru’s available during summer to keep the lab open, but they need a break too. To allow our Guru’s some well deserved time off for their vacations, the Lab will close for the rest of summer and we will open again in the first week of classes […]

Customizations available to the students

Does the ability to customize design affect product adoption and satisfaction?

This post is contributed by Greg Fisher, who conducted research on the question above, in partnership with the MakerLab. This post is part of our series on research at the lab, in addition to our initiatives in Education and Outreach. While the future applications of 3D printing technology continue to emerge, it is already apparent […]