Max’s completed right hand.
Guest Post by William Jones. Come watch as our team of volunteers attempt to 3D print a life sized man, “Max”! Max is the result of a full body scan created by Voodoo Manufacturing. Voodoo originally scanned and printed this 88-piece 3D model in under 24 hours, printing a piece […]

The Evolutionary Development of Man (Max)

Update: 3/31 :Students had great fun at the event. Some photos from the event below, and some coverage on the Daily Illini as well.   Join the #DigitalMaking 2016 students as they build a 3D Printer from an ultimaker original kit right in front of you. The event is sponsored […]

Watch a 3D Printer being built in the BIF Atrium

Digital Making 2016 1
We started as the first business school based MakerLab in early 2013 and have had thousands of students, faculty,staff, community members, small businesses, and corporates learn about ‘making’. We have had over 21,000 hours of printing done in the lab, and were lucky to get a new year gift of […]

Bring 3D Printing to the world in the New ...

The lab was fortunate to be part of the inaugural cohort of schools, that pledged support for the White House, Nation of Makers initiative.    The Nation of Makers is a new organization coming together to continue the work that President Obama started.  We are thrilled to pledge our support […]

Supporting the #NationOfMakers   Recently updated !

“The year was 3E 405.” This is the first line in a digital book found in the video game, Skyrim. Now, it is not only found digitally but physically as well. This book was 3D printed for maker Justin Williams. Our Guru, Jim, decided to make good use of our […]

A 3D Printed Skyrim Digital Book!

Beginning stages of assembling Max!
Update on Max (our 3D printed man): On Wednesday, November 9th we took all 88 printed pieces on Max and assembled him! It took about 3 hours to fully build the 6’1″ replica. Deloitte Chairman: We had the honor of showing Deloitte Chairman Mike Fucci around the MakerLab. Food Printer: We […]

This Week of Making- Week47

The MakerLab volunteers are a really important part of the lab. They help day to day welcoming makers, and assist with workshops and fixing printers.  Today, we will introduce you to one of our volunteers, Dash Kosaka!   Dash started working in the MakerLab his freshman year after being recommended […]

Volunteer Spotlight- Dash Kosaka

Update on Max (our 3D printed man): We have officially finished printing all parts of Max!!! All that is left to do is to assemble him! If you would like to help assemble Max come to the BIF Atrium on November 9th from 2:00-5:00pm! Workshop: We had a group of […]

This Week of Making- Week46

Private Workshops: We had multiple private workshops this week. A private workshop means that your group rents out the whole MakerLab just to yourselves. One such workshop was for Business Council. Business Council is a student run organization on campus that works on networking within the business world. They donated […]

This Week of Making- Week45

Our first dual color print
Update on Max (our 3D printed man): We have 8 parts left to print of Max! If you would like to help assemble Max come to the BIF Atrium on November 9th from 2:00-5:00pm! Here are some pictures of the MakerLab team holding various parts of Max.   Unboxing the […]

This Week of Making- Week44

Our #makeroftheweek is Reese! Reese is a Technology Systems Management major. He came into the MakerLab to print a micro quad copter. A micro quad copter is a mini helicopter that has four rotor blades instead of the typical one. Find out about all our makers at If you […]

Meet The Maker – Reese

Update on Max (our 3D printed man): As of October 11th, we have 12 pieces left to print Max! The final prints include the remaining pieces of the torso and the legs. If you would like to help put Max together, and learn about 3d printing come to the BIF […]

This Week of Making- Week43

"I love free 3D printing so much!"
Free prints on Wednesdays Free? Did someone say free? Did you know that on Wednesdays in the MakerLab any prints under 1 hour are completely free? One maker, I-Ning Chen, did. I-Ning is a student at Illinois obtaining her Master of Science in Technology Management. She fell in love with 3D printing […]

Meet the Maker: I-Ning Chen