Visiting Scholar Attends Making Things Class

Our “Making Things” class was excited to host Alex Mitchell for the past two weeks. Alex(@MarketTheory) is a PhD candidate at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada and is researching how 3D printing in specific and the hackerspace movement in general is impacting both academics and business. According to Alex, “In most business theory, we tend […]



Making Things Class begins Developing Videos

This week’s Making Things class began with a lecture from John Tubbs, a digital media specialist from CITES. John discussed the process of promoting one’s product using video appeals, a la Kickstarter. Video is an especially important means of promoting a new product idea and making appeals for obtaining the resources needed to bring these […]

3D Printing at Admitted Student’s Day

The College of Fine + Applied Arts demonstrated 3D printing with MakerLab printers, to the newly admitted students at Temple Buell Hall during the welcome reception. The display was organized by Kristi Martin, the Associate Director for Recruitment, Matt McNeilly and Crystal Sheu. This partnership showed many incoming students the resources that the university has to offer  […]

Crystal displaying the printers


Making Things Class Refines Prototypes

Throughout the week before spring break, the teams in our Making Things Class worked on refining our product prototypes. Based on feedback from our instructors as well as fellow classmates, we have all created several iterations of our prototypes. For example, our latest iPhone speaker (called “Boost”) prototype features a deeper dock for the phone […]

MakerLab hosts several CU area schools.

There is tremendous interest in 3D printing across industry today and in schools as well. We are pleased to host several free tours/workshops for area schools, in line with the university’s mission for public engagement and outreach. We were pleased to host students from  Chrisman High school, led by Michael Davison, the Business Education/Technology Coordinator. […]

Ryan helping the students with design tools


MakerLab and UI Innovate at EOH

This past Friday the MakerLab partnered up with student organization, UI-Innovate, to share the magic of 3D printing at the Engineering Open House. Each year Engineering Open House attracts thousands of people to learn about innovations at the university and from corporate partners. UI-Innovate heads Jake Smolin and Danny Lohan demonstrated the functionality of the […]

Making Things Class Refines Product Designs

In this week’s class, the teams in our class conducted a peer review of each others’ designs. Our team reviewed Team 2’s design. Their product (currently unnamed, although we suggested the name “Easy Keasy”) is a key ring holder that fits conveniently in your pocket and can perform functions such as opening bottles. We provided […]

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 7.58.07 PM

SOS Light

Making Things Class Designs Objects

This week the Making Things Class worked on the designs for our objects! We just recently changed our concept and have been moving very quickly since then. We decided to create a door stop that doesn’t have to be put on the floor. We came up with two different designs and are actively trying to […]

Making Things Class Finalizes Concepts

During last week’s class, we analyzed our product’s concept (customizable clip-on dip bowl) test data to ascertain consumer interest in our product, willingness to pay, and potential questions and concerns. In general, consumer feedback for our concept (as well as the concepts our of classmates in general) seemed quite positive. We utilized this feedback to […]


Getting started with Arduinos

An Arduino is a micro-controller board, which has been used for thousands of projects. An arduino can be powered up by simply connecting it to the computer via USB cable or using AC/DC adapter or using battery. The videos below have been compiled by Ivan Setiawan . The Makerlab held an Arduino Workshop on Thursday, and […]