Ideation and Product Development This entire semester, our class has been learning a great deal about the process of making and what it means to take an idea from early beginning thoughts to full execution. We had the privilege of learning about the Maker Movement from Prof. Kylie Peppler who teaches at Indiana University. We’ve […]

Digital Making: What Have We Been Up To?

The end of the semester is nearly upon us! Last week’s class began with a Skype visit by Lauren Slowick, Education Evangelist for Shapeways, which is the world’s leading 3D Printing marketplace. Lauren provided an overview of Shapeways and offered some very insightful thoughts about the future of 3D Printing. […]

Making Things Class Nears Home Stretch!   Recently updated !

Last week, WCIA news featured our Lab’s new Maker Certificate in its nightly broadcast. The Certificate program was founded about a month ago and has over 250 sign-ups! Listen to the story below, and watch our head Guru, Ryan talk about this new program and its educational goals!  

Maker Certificate Featured on Local News Station (WCIA)   Recently updated !

Last week’s class featured Professor Subin Im from Yonsei University in Korea. Professor Im is an expert in the domains of creativity and innovation and visited our Lab to learn more about the role of 3D Printing in business education. Professor Im shared an example of an innovation project that […]

Korean Scholar Visits Making Things Class   Recently updated !

The Idea Builder
Recently, our friends at Dremel, donated a new IdeaBuilder 3D Printer to our Lab. This printer is similar to our standard Replicator 2 3D printers: both print using PLA (polylactic acid) filament. However, the IdeaBuilder has a multicolor navigation screen and also provides an enclosed build area which helps the […]

Dremel Donates Printer!   Recently updated !

Team Digicraft
  Printing. Testing. Redesigning. Repeat. This seems to be the theme of our recent class sessions, including this past week. Every group now has printed at least a couple of prototypes and are getting closer to having a finished product. Our most recent class began with a Skype conference call […]

Printing. Testing. Redesigning. Repeat – Making Things

Julia(co-founder) with the MakerGirls
The mission of MakerGirl is to introduce girls from the ages of 7 – 10 to STEM fields.  They conducted a pilot session at the MakerLab last fall and have launched there non-profit this spring. They have scheduled several sessions at the Lab this spring semester and got over 60 […]

MakerGirl launches with renewed enthusiasm

In last week’s Making Things class, we focused on refining the prototypes for our products. Our team (Handmad3) is creating multiPLY, a bathroom aid that increases the capacity of your toilet paper holder. We finished prototyping, so we focused on other details, such as developing the instruction sheet that will […]

Making Things Class Develops Prototypes

Molded Vs Printed!
This is a Guest Post by Sam Bohner, a student in the Digital Making 2015 Class. The past couple of weeks, the digital making class went to the Imaging Technology Group at Beckman Institute where we met Geomagic guru, Travis Ross. There, he began to introduce us to the scanning […]

Digital Making Class learns Scanning and Geomagic at Beckman

During last week’s Making Things class, our teams conducted design audits. We did this through a peer review process in which one team audited the design of another team. This audit contained a variety of questions, such as: Why did you choose this particular design? What issues are you still […]

Making Things Class Conducts Design Audit