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Q: What are your hours?

A: Hours!


Q: What day can you get 1 hour free prints?

A: Wednesday's during Fall and Spring semesters!


Q: What is the maximum dimension (L x B x H) that you can print at a time?

A: Our maximum print volume for our Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers are 8.8″ x 8.8″ x 8.1″ (length x width x height). We also have one Ultimaker 2 Extended + that has an increased Z-height, with overall build dimensions of 8.8″ x 8.8″ x 12.0″. In mm that would be 223mm x 223mm x 305mm. The max resolution we can print with on our Ultimaker machines is roughly 50 micron, or 0.05mm in the Z direction.


Q: What media is available to print with?

A: We print almost exclusively in PLA, which is a biodegradeable plastic made from corn starch. We do have a PVA material which allows us to print water soluble supports.


Q: What design software do you recommend to use?

A: One of our favorite design software to use in the lab is Autodesk Fusion 360. As student or staff of the university you can download this software for free. It is a very powerful tool and is relatively easy to learn. We do offer a workshop on Fusion 360 if you’d like to learn some basics in the software to get you started.


Q: If I wanted to talk to someone about designing a prototype how would I accomplish that?

A: Email us or stop by the lab and we will help connect you will one of our design gurus! We offer design work at different rates depending on your affiliation to the university.


Q: Would it be feasible to scan something about 4-5cm big and print it?

A: Our scanners are better for larger objects. Something in the scale described would be difficult to scan. However, we do have an alternative option, which uses software to combine hundreds of photos into a single 3D model. The process takes several minutes though and requires a perfectly still subject