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Our online ordering interface has changed. We will make arrangements with you for pickup times, so go ahead and order below and we will be in touch. Please note that Free Print Wednesdays are only available in the lab and we cannot accept online orders for getting the free prints.

Before you submit your print please check your file in our slicing software Cura. Ensure that you check the layer view option in the drop down menu on the top right and confirm that your whole model is being printed. The layer view in Cura shows exactly what the printer will print so if a portion of your model is missing it will not print! Extra charges may be applied to orders that the MakerLab will have to evaluate.

1. You must include your name, contact information, define the color, layer height, and size of the object when submitting your file (we only accept .stl or .obj files for 3D printing). You may also specify the nozzle size used (if applicable).

2.Please specify the timeline or urgency of your order (i.e. when you expect your object to be completed). We will try to accommodate all requests, however, if you require that your print be completed in less than 2 (two) business days, we suggest that you come in during our open lab hours to meet and discuss the feasibility of your print with a Guru.

3.All online orders will be charged a minimum of $5 regardless of size/weight to cover labor costs.

4.We are currently not offering delivery services. The Illinois MakerLab team is working on an online payment system, but for right now we can only accept pick-up orders.

5.Payment for orders under $20 is done when you pickup(Credit/debit card only). We will also update you with your total estimated cost (see our pricing for more information) of the order. Any orders above $20 will require a 20% down-payment made in the lab or on the phone.

6.Any orders made with a CFOPAL account are not affected by these changes, please contact us for more information about your order regarding payment. If you are a student paying with a CFOAPL account, you pay the rate charged to Departments

7. Pricing is determined by the rate charged multiplied by the weight of the print. We use Cura Software to process and print STL files. You can download the free software and follow the instructions to get an estimate of the weight of the model. We print on Ultimaker 2+ machines a default of 20% infill , with a 0.6 or 0.8 nozzle filament. Smaller nozzle sizes are available for fine prints and Ultimaker 3 machines are available, but used only for models that need dual color prints or dissolvable supports(50% more expensive than rates below). A full listing of prices is available on our pricing and services page.

Online Ordering Rates

18¢ per gram

30¢ per gram

42¢ per gram


Illinois Student

Illinois Faculty/Staff/Department

All Other Users

We will make send you an email once the order is ready, and you can pick up during our open hours.

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