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  • Each camp is limited to 10 participants so that campers get personal attention .

  • All camps are for five days, three hours each day. Morning camps run from 9-12 pm, and afternoon camps from 1-4 pm. Only exception are the two camps following memorial day (May 27th) , which runs for four days from Tuesday, May 28th and runs 3:30 hours each day.

  • You can sign up for both morning and afternoon camps as we avoid duplication of content.

  • Day Care Policies:

    • Day care will be provided from 12-1pm and 4-5 pm for a cost of $10 per hour. You can pay for day care in the lab, on the day you need day care, with a credit card.

    • If your child is staying through the lunch hour, please pack or order for delivery(See address above) a nut free meal.

    • Parents can drop kids off starting at 8:30am for no extra charge.

    • Parents will need to pay for the day care fee if students are not picked up on time.

  • A minimum of 5 campers are needed for a camp to be offered.

  • All camps are at Illinois MakerLab, Business Instructional Facility (BIF), Room 3030

  • Please check the age requirement for each camp before registering.

  • All prices listed below exclude the fees charged by Eventbrite, the website we use for bookings. Each camp is listed with the date of the first day, even though it is a five day camp(morning or afternoon). The cost mentioned is for the entire week.

  • Please fill out the Waiver forms for minors and bring with you to the session

  • Refund Policy: If you cancel ...

    • More than 30 Days prior to event - Full Refund

    • 14 -30 days prior to event - 50% refund

    • 7-14 days prior to the event - No refund but we offer 50% credit for another event of choice.

    • Less than 7 days - No refund

  • Have a question? Contact us

  • Contact us for Private Events or Birthday Parties.

Adventures in 3D Modeling and Printing

Creative problem solving at its best! This camp introduces you to a new world of problem solving. That is the world of 3D printing!

Participants will gain a competence in the basics of 2D and 3D design and design thinking, as well as operations of 3D scanning and desktop 3D printing. Once mastered, participants will formed into teams of three members where they will creatively solve a design problem using the concepts taught. Students will engage in hands-on and iterative 3D printing activities to demonstrate the knowledge and design skills gained through the camp.

Get your thinking caps on and join us in solving a design problem with 3D printing!

Ages: 11+

Hours: 3 hours a day – FIVE days a week

Prerequisites: None

Minecraft + 3D Printing Camp

Join us for an educational and a fun camp for the world of Minecraft! Minecraft camp is a great learning opportunity centered on teaching  design, and 3D modeling, scanning and printing tools and processes. It provides participants the opportunity to learn creative world-building and the fundamentals of digital modeling principles using variety of digital prototyping tools such as Tinkercad, Cura and 3D printers. Participants will build their imaginary world in the digital world of Minecraft and 3d print their digital buildings using 3D printers.

Ages: 10-15

Hours: 3 hours a day – FIVE days a week

Prerequisites: None

Design Thinking- CityX Camp

The City X Project is an international common core aligned education workshop for students that teaches creative problem solving using 3D technologies and the design process. 

Help settle humans on a new alien planet. Humans have staked out an area for their first city, City X. However, they need inventions that solve challenges relating to health, safety, communication, transportation, and more. These inventions are to be created by a vast team of young designers all around Earth. It’s up to the City X designers – teams of students – to solve the real-world problems of 32 characters living in City X. Students use the Stanford D.school design process along with 3D modeling and printing technologies to invent, prototype, and test their solutions.

Ages: 9-14
Hours: 3 hours a day – FIVE days a week

Prerequisites: None

3D Printing Inventions

Participants in this camp will learn to use powerful 3D modeling software to try to solve engineering challenges alone and as a team. Participants will design and test their models and will learn about the process of rapid prototyping while being exposed to principles and tools used in professional design. This included the basics of freehand sketching, parametric and freeform modeling, and the mechanics of 3D printing. Additionally, participants gain exposure to design thinking, spatial logic, problem solving, and coordination.

Ages: 13-17 years

Time: 3 hours a day – FIVE days a week

Prerequisites: None