Help support the MakerLab in its mission to help students to

"Learn,Make and Share".

Your support will help us continue to offer several free or subsidized services for students. The prices for printing/design services we offer are kept low to encourage students to experiment and fail cheaply.

We offer free workshops on fridays to help them get started with 3D modeling and printing. Students can come on wednesdays for our "free print" specials to experiment. Students from all over campus come to use the lab. We host free hands on sessions for local public schools as well. Even a small donation of $100 will buy three spools, which is enough to support eight to ten student projects.

All donations will be recognized on our website and our Lab. Donor List

  • Intel has donated five of their new galileo boards for expanding our digital making practices.
  • Jason C Mueller, Class of 2008, currently at JP Morgan gave a generous donation to the lab, which was matched by his employer.
  • P&G sponsored the 'Making Things' class in Spring 2014 with a $6,900 grant.
  • Autodesk 360 is the Official Sponsor of the "Workshop Series" at the MakerLab.

Read more about our student projects and outreach activities that your gift will help fund, by clicking on the images below.

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