Lets learn together

The MakerLab is an experiment in bringing together a community of learners who are interested in learning by making. As we open our doors, there is a great opportunity to participate as a group, for a course on creative learning being offered by MIT, online at http://learn.media.mit.edu/index.html. This is a very popular course and current MIT students will be taking this course, along with us. We will get opportunities to learn from the works of Seymour Papert among others, and mostly from each other, and perhaps a lot more about 3D printing and digital making. This will be a live experiment for all of us to see whether an engaged and motivated community can learn effectively around an online course, while 'making' stuff, digital or physical.

When you sign up for the course, use the invite code 10807 , so that they assign all of us to the same group.  The signups close on Friday, 8th Feb, so you must signup immediately. The course will have live sessions on dates/times listed on the website( Mondays at 9:00 am, as per information available), but the sessions will be recorded. We plan to meet every Friday at noon, starting February 15th,  at the MakerLab, to discuss the weeks readings/projects/assignments.

So, go ahead and signup and remember to use the invite code 10807 and signup immediately.