Meet the Makers: Martina Pillay and John Jacobs

When you think of 3D printing, what types of students come to mind? Architecture majors, Engineers? Indeed, both types of students have been frequent visitors to the MakerLab. However, our lab has also attracted considerable interest from students across the University of Illinois, including majors in art & design, accounting, and finance. These students are eager to learn more about the Maker Movement and are interested in turning their ideas into reality. For this Meet the Makers spotlight, we introduce Martina Pillay and John Jacobs. Both Martina and John are seniors in Bioengineering and used the Lab's 3D printers to help complete their senior design project.

Photo Apr 27, 12 07 39 AM

"For our senior design project, we were creating a device for GFP (Green fluorescent protein) detection in mice. We needed some sort of 3D printed casing to support the circuit and batteries for our device. 3D printing provided an affordable and simple method of designing our own case."

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