Our New Build Surface: BuildTak (by Ideal Jacobs)

The MakerLab is proud to announce that Ideal Jacobs, a multinational corporation that specializes in graphic overlays, injection molding, laser cut components, and rapid prototyping, is the supplier of our new build surface. Ideal Jacobs is headquartered in New Jersey and has operations across the US, Mexico, Netherlands, Malaysia, and China. One of Ideal Jacob's recent innovations is a revolutionary new 3D printing build surface called BuildTak. Compared to traditional 3D build surface materials such as kapton tape or blue painter's tape, BuildTak provides better adhesion and virtually eliminates curling. In addition, it is very easy to apply (and remove) to a build plate and is extremely durable. On top of all this, it can be customized with your choice of color and imprinted with your organization's logo. Here are some photos of the customized BuildTak surface that Ideal Jacobs created for the MakerLab. We have equipped all of our 3D printers with these customized BuildTak surfaces and have enjoyed many hours of hassle free printing. Thus, we enthusiastically recommend BuildTak and can't imagine using any other build surface. Adios blue tape!