Things we Make: Thor's Hammer

Thor: The Dark World, is a current box office smash and a favorite film for many in our Lab. Thus, in anticipation of its release, we printed our very own Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer). This hammer was designed by Skimbal and downloaded from Thingiverse. photo 3

This is a two-part print. The head of the hammer was printed using silver PLA and took over 17 hours!

photo 2

The shaft of the hammer was printed on another machine, which was loaded with brown PLA. This print took about 6 hours.

photo 1

Once both prints were completed, all that was left was to slide the shaft into the head. and presto, we have a hammer!

If you would like your very own Thor's hammer, just stop by the MakerLab. We are open Monday to Friday.

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