Making Things Class Tests Product Concepts

171069v2This week's class began with a Skype call with Kristen Turner, Marketing Director of Sculpteo. Kristen told us about different 3D printing business models. For example, some makers use Sculpteo as an online retailer for their products. She also showed an example of an app that allows users to create pottery and then print it though Sculpteo. This lecture was very cool and reinforced the idea that makers of 3D printed objects can easily sell them online. After the lecture, we broke into teams and worked on the questions that we wanted to ask potential users of our products. Most of the teams have their final ideas and are going to be taking the data they collected to refine their concepts based on the feedback received. We are looking forward to next week! Find out more about what we have been up to these last few weeks.

This post contributed by Team 7 or rather Team Enable in the Making Things class (Daniel, Brady, Kevin)