MakerLab Featured in ICIC Webinar

ICIC_CEO_Series746_267_june10Earlier this week, MakerLab Executive Director Aric Rindfleisch gave a presentation titled, "3D Printing: The Next Manufacturing Revolution?" as part of ICIC's CEO Webinar Series. ICIC stands for Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes development of US Inner City Businesses. ICIC was founded by Professor Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) in 1994 and has helped foster over 750 new companies and over 75,000 jobs since 1999. This Webinar, which is available on the ICIC Website, provides an overview of 3D printing, discusses its potentially revolutionary impact on business and highlights some of the ways in which the Illinois MakerLab has enhanced the innovation activities of local businesses such as PikMoments. If you would like to learn how our Lab can help your business or help you start a new business, please stop by or contact us at UIMakerLab AT Illinois DOT edu.