Meet the Maker : Jacob Holland a.k.a Iron Man

Jake is the Iron Man. He is an avid maker, so much so that he made his own Delta 3D printer.His other interests are in Welding, Woodworking, Electrical wiring, Soldering and Laser cutting. For Halloween this year he 3D printed a semi-functional Iron Man helmet and gauntlets. They were all printed using his 3D printer, a Kossel Clear delta style 3D printer that he built this summer. The Iron Man helmet and gauntlets are powered by an Arduino board. He used an accelerometer  so that the helmet is able to detect a sharp shake of the head in order to raise and lower the helmet’s faceplate using the mounted servo. Each gauntlet has buttons hidden in each thumb allowing the wearer to fire LED “repulsor blasts.” He says that

It’s amazing to be able to turn fiction into reality and 3D printing makes that possible.

In his spare time, Jake  is also a senior pursuing his BS in technical systems management in the College of ACES. We are seeing more of the ACES makers at the lab these days. He is interested in taking the Digital Making course to learn some more making skills before he graduates in Spring 2015.