Making Things 2015 Begins!

The 2015 edition of our Making Things Class began last Wednesday with 21 students (7 each from Art & Design, Business & Engineering). During our first session, these students formed interdisciplinary teams, came up with a team name, and designed and printer their team logo. They also participated in an conference call with two members of our MakerLab Advisory Board: Jarrod Phipps (Deloitte) and Zach Kaplan (Inventables). Jarrod and Zach discussed how 3D printers and other new digital manufacturing tools are democratizing our economy and changing the way in which products are made and distributed. They also gave our students some helpful ideas about what types of things they should be making in this course. During the next 15 weeks, our students will be posting weekly updates of their progress along with their reflections of the making process. Stay tuned!

For an overview of what the class did last year, have a look at Making Things 2014.