Making Things Class Conducts Concept Testing

Last week's class was kicked off with a visit from Dr. Vishal Sachdev, the Director of the MakerLab. Dr. Sachdev gave our class some tips for making and provided an overview of his Digital Makings class, which is taught in our Lab on Tuesdays.
After Dr. Sachdev's visit, we got down to work. The goal of the class was to conduct concept testing and begin to do some market research by asking people their opinions about our product concepts. Our group, DigiCraft, began printing our first prototype. After two failed attempts we were able to print a very nicely finished version. We will then use this prototype to help demonstrate our product idea and collect some heplful feedback from potential customers. We will then use this feedback to further refine our prototype. This is when the real fun begins!
By: Digicraft
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