Mark Cotteleer Visits Making Things Class

Mark C.Last week's Making Things class was enriched by a (video) visit by Dr. Mark Cotteleer. Mark is a research director at Deloitte and a leading expert in additive manufacturing. He has written extensively on this topic and is also the lead instructor for a new online course on Additive Manufacturing. Mark provided our class with an overview of Deloitte's additive manufacturing-related activities as well as his own vision of the 3D printing landscape. He also provided our class with some helpful suggestions for what we could make.

After Mark's talk, each of our teams continued to work on finalizing their concepts by integrating the findings from their market research. Most teams have already started some early prototyping, so the Lab's 3D printers were busy churning them out. We produced a second iteration of the prototype for our "boot wallet." This new prototype is much stronger and more comfortable than the previous one. In the coming weeks, we'll go through several more designs and prepare for a product showcase!

By: Team Repligators
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