We Have a Winner!


IMG_4342Printing PeopleEdgy We have a winner! The 2015 version of our Making Things class concluded with product presentations by each of our seven teams. These presentations were judged by both their fellow students as well as a expert panel of professors and practitioners, including Joe Bradley, Ravi Mehta, Jared Phipps, and Vishal Sachdev. The unanimous winner across both sets of judges was team Printing People, which includes Cecilia Hogan (Design), Michael Kania (Business) & Jordan Kravitz (Engineering). This team identified a need for a better way to stick posters on a wall and used the 3D design and printing tools in the MakerLab to create a solution, called Edgy. This small but ingenious product is a set of four small plastic edges with a stick adhesive applied to the back. A poster's four corners can be easily placed in each of these edges and then applied to a wall. Compared to traditional approaches such as tape, Edgy has imporved aesthetics and also can be easily removed without damaging the poster. Congratulation team Printing People as well as our other six teams for another successful Making Things class! The video pitches for all teams can be seen below.