Free Print Wednesdays Sponsored by Ultimaker


free-stuff_jpg As a service focused towards makers who are new to the world of 3D printing, we are happy to announce Free Print Wednesdays sponsored by Ultimaker, who have just provided all new printers at the lab.

Every Wednesday from 11 am to 2 pm, all prints that print in one hour or less are free of charge! In less than an hour you could print lots of cool and useful things such as one wrench, two iPhone cases, or three whistles. We do ask that when you pick up your free print, you share what you made with us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, and write a few words. One free print allowed on one wednesday. If your print is longer is one hour, you can still come by on wednesdays(or other days), and if you share what you made on the three platforms, you can still save 10% .

We look forward to seeing you in the Lab on Wednesdays (or any other weekday)!

All new Ultimaker 2 printers in the Makerlab