This Week of Making- Week45

Private Workshops:

We had multiple private workshops this week. A private workshop means that your group rents out the whole MakerLab just to yourselves. One such workshop was for Business Council. Business Council is a student run organization on campus that works on networking within the business world. They donated their prints to a children's community in Champaign, Illinois .

Our other workshop was for a class of high school seniors. They came in on Tuesday and Thursday to print their models made on TinkerCad. TinkerCad is a 3D design software that allows you to physically build your object from scratch. Check out some of these seniors' prints!

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Fast and Furious:

We had one visitor come in and print miniature car parts! He can then use these 3D printed car parts to replace the ones that came with the car originally. This allows him to change the color and make his own type of car.

Coming Soon!

Our guru, Billy Malak, is currently working on getting our food printer up and running. Once operational, we will be able to print using nutella! Keep in touch to see our progress with the food printer!


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