Volunteer Spotlight- Will Jones

The MakerLab volunteers are a really important part of the lab. They help day-to-day welcoming makers, and assist with workshops and fixing printers.  Today, we will introduce you to one of our volunteers, Will Jones! will

Will is currently a freshman in the Division of General Studies. He is hoping to transfer into Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering next year. Will first came to the MakerLab to print a mount for his GoPro camera. Once he figured out about the opportunity to volunteer here, he signed right up! Since then Will has been an instrumental part of the MakerLab team. He is currently working on getting a 3D workshop using a program known as Mathematica up and running. Mathematica, much as its name infers, uses math to create 3D objects that can then be printed. Will has also done a lot of printing on his own. Just recently Will submitted two prints for a cosplay contest in 3D printing.

Proof that Tony Stark has a heart

This icon model can be found in the first Iron Man movie. This is the arc reactor worn by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). In this movie, Tony's assistant, Pepper Potts, gives Tony his arc reactor back as a desktop ornament and engraves the words "proof that Tony Stark has a heart" on it. This two day print can be put together fairly easily without the use of glue. An added benefit of the model Will designed is the space in the center of the arc reactor. This space was created to make room for LED lights to make the model light up!

 The Galaxy on Orion's Belt

Men in Black fans will love this replica of the galaxy that hung from the cat, Orion, in the first Men in Black movie. This replica was printed using soluble support structures. These structures dissolve in water once the print is finished, allowing for a smoother print overall. Will ended up painting the final design gold and silver to match the galaxy found in the movie.

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