Meet The Maker- Shivani Patel

People come into the lab to print all sorts of amazing things. And every print has its own story. In Shivani Patel's case, that story involved an octopus and some bowls. Shivani came into the MakerLab for an assignment in her Informatics 490: Makerspace class. For her assignment, Shivani decided to create a unique table piece where the octopus would hold a small bowl on each of its hands, and you would be able to place objects in those bowls. She designed this whole model using Tinkercad! This was only the second time she had 3D printed anything but she loves the experience as she learns something new each time she prints an item. Like Shivani, every person who comes into the lab has a story. The question is: What will your story be?

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