Welcome Back!

The Illinois MakerLab is now open for business! Check out our hours and find a good time to stop in to explore what's new at the lab?

Snapchat Goggles

We are excited to announce that we now have Snapchat Goggles at the lab! What are those you may ask? Imagine sunglasses that have a built in camera. That camera is automatically connected the the Illinois MakerLab's snapchat. When you take a picture/video with that built in camera it automatically uploads it to our snapchat! Stop by the MakerLab at anytime to come and try out our new goggles!


Fidget Spinners

We are now offering a workshops to 3D print your very own fidget spinner! This workshop can be used to replace the Basics 3D printing Workshop as you work towards your Digital Makers Certificate. Fidget spinner workshops are offered about twice a month of Fridays!


We are now offering two new mini-camps along with our Minecraft camp! Our Build a 3D Printed Drone camp allows participants to code and create a 3D design of the drone they wish to print. Participates will learn OpenScan as the CAD Software to design the drone as well as how to assemble the correct electronics to make their drones work! Our second new mini-camp is 3D Printing a Talking BOT! This camp will allow participants to build their very own talking bot using a raspberry pi(a small computer)! Afterwards will 3D print its shell and make it talk to you! Both new mini-camps are for kids ages 13-17.

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