Pygmalion Tech Demo


We were honored to participate in the Pygmalion Tech Demo hosted at Krannert Center a few weeks ago. As you can imagine, this demo involved hundreds of newly inspired ideas from prototypes to demo stages to upcoming new technology. Some projects include HTC VR glasses (virtual reality glasses), a new video game called Agents of Mayhem, the Makergirls, an electronic accordion and many more! Everyone was showcasing their products and most tables were running demos making it a very hands on event. The hope of the Pygmalion Demo was to make people more aware of the different forms of technology that they may not have known even existed. The MakerLab was there to promote creating your own ideas and printing them into reality. We had a 3D printer printing MakerLab keychains and a bunch of cool 3D printed parts to showcase to visitors!

One of our gurus at the event, Linxi, was kind enough to share a story about a visitor that was interested in the MakerLab at the demo. She recalled that one such visitor was a junior here at Illinois majoring in accounting. He was at the demo trying to find more technologies that could be integrated into businesses. Technologies such as using 3D printing for prototyping. Prototyping can often be very costly and time consuming. But with 3D printing that same prototype companies can save a lot of money in the long run. Stop by the Makerlab to see how 3D printing your prototype can save you money!

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