Get Ideas Turned Into 3D Models

Here at the MakerLab many of our gurus are quite skilled in digitally designing an order to the customers satisfaction. Just recently we had two of our lab designers, Clark Csiki and Yazmine Carbajal, help an engineering company to design a conveyor system. Clark and Yazmine are both juniors here at Illinois studying Industrial Design. Clark's passion for design process originally drew him to the MakerLab. Yazmine hopes to use her knowledge gained at the lab to design medical devices for transplant patients. Both are a great addition to the MakerLab and love to turn 2D designs into 3D designs. Which is exactly what they did in designing the conveyor system. Using a software known as Solidworks, Clark and Yazmine were able to turn the company's 2D computer-aided design (CAD) of the conveyor system and convert it into a 3D digital model. Clark and Yazmine worked closely with representatives of the company to make sure that the design order meet all of requirements. Frequent meetings occurred between the designers and the representatives to clear up any questions and to keep on track with the time frame. Once our designers completed the model to the customers satisfaction, they sent it off to get 3D printed! Clark and Yazmine did a great job in designing this order!

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Catch #PokePrint on campus and print more at the Lab

Join us in the hunt for #3dprinted pokemon on campus. We will be placing some #pokeprint across campus and you keep what you find. Do share pictures of your find with us @UIMakerLab(Instagram/Twitter) and/or on FB(Illinois MakerLab) . We are launching the campaign at #IllinoisSMC on friday July 22nd for participants of the conference, with #pokeprint hidden at pokestops around the Union for a lunching time treasure hunt. We will continue with placing more around campus over the next week till July 30th, when we close for summer. Like us/Follow us on  FB, Instagram, Twitter to get updates/hints.

Come by the lab next week during open hours to print your own pokemon or even team keychains. We have some ready to pick up as well. If you are a local business wanting to leverage the #pokemonGO craze, drop us a line and we can print the pokemon in bulk to give to your customers. This would be a great way to run small contests, treasure hunts, or drive traffic during the lean periods.