Fusion 360

Mitch Altman & Chris Hall visit Making Things Class

IMG_20140205_171835Our third class session began with a fascinating and inspiring speech delivered by a special guest, Mitch Altman. Mitch, an Illinois alum, is the co-founder of Noisebridge (one of the first Hackerpaces in the US) and the CEO of Cornfield Electronics. He runs workshops around the world that promote “hacking” and teach soldering. Mitch demonstrated a few of his inventions, or “hacks,” including the TV-B-Gone remote control, Brain Machine, and Neuro Dreamer sleep mask. Mitch encouraged us to pursue our passions and to create things that reflect this passion.

photo-87 After Mitch’s talk, Chris Hall from Autodesk showcased Autodesk's new Fusion 360 3D modeling software. Chris’s presentation was an exciting glimpse into the amazing capabilities of 3D design. Following Chris' presentation, our class moved deeper into the brainstorming process by honing in on three ideas per group for further investigation. As we move further into the ideation process, some exciting potential projects began to emerge, which were then shared with the class before the end of our session. Keep a look out for more exciting updates in the weeks to come!