Art, Design, and the MakerLab, Oh My!

When you hear the term 3D printing, a lot of things may come to mind such as rapid prototyping or do-it-yourself projects but what about art and design? As an art and design major (and DIY enthusiast) I was ecstatic to learn of the Illinois MakerLab's existence. What I love about the lab is the ability to create practically anything from imagination and bring it to life. There is something about physically holding my ideas that really inspires me to create more, and I'm not alone. I talked to several other art majors who also discovered the lab about what they created and thought about the lab:

The Illinois Makerlab is awesome. It was the only place on campus where I could get something printed with clear plastic without a crazy 3-week turnaround time. I regret not taking advantage of their facilities more during the semester.

- Andy Gao

My experience at the Makers Lab was great, as the process was quick and easy. The finished projects are well made and the best part is that it was free!

- Autumn Hayes

Autumn's Senior Thesis Project

The lab was a really cool place for students to 3D print and the staff is really friendly and helpful too.

- Josh Lebovitz

Josh's Final Project

top view small hole

I was also able to print a few of my own projects.

Miniature furniture

Chair model

And one just for fun!

I think that this lab has truly helped many art and design students bring their ideas into reality. It is an amazing resource for student's while they are here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I hope that many more art students will discover the possibilities that this lab brings!