Making Things Class learns about 3D Scanning

homepageNEWSTeam Four had a great day in the Making Things class. We started out hearing from Travis Ross, Manager of the Beckman Visualization Lab. Travis talked about 3D scanning and the resources VisLab can offer to our class. He illustrated some of the capabilities of 3D imaging software Geomagic by scanning and editing the head of one of our classmates. We learned that, in addition to capturing the image of an object, 3D scanning can be used to create objects that fit the unique contours of an object. For example, a company that makes snowboard boot liners could use 3D scanning to create custom fitted linings for each of its customers' individual feet. After Travis' presentation, we broke off into teams to refine each of our new product ideas. For example, our team is working on a concept called, EyeTravel, which is a small travel case for contacts and contact solution. Overall, it was a very productive day. We hope to test our concept among contact lens users next week.

Written by Jake Dluhy

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Making Things Class Begins!

Our new Making Things class has begun! This innovative new course teams up 21 undergraduate students across business, engineering, and art & design. Each of these 7 teams will be conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing a new product. This is the first course of its type in an American business school. Class sessions are held in the Illinois MakerLab each Wednesday night and are hands-on in nature; during each session, students practice our MakerLab principles of Learn, Make, and Share. Our first class kicked off with a video conference with Zach Kaplan, CEO of Inventables and Erwin Cruz, Head of Innovation and IP at Grainger offering insights and advice to our students. Both Zach and Erwin are members of the MakerLab Advisory Board and are deeply involved in the emerging Maker Movement. Following this conference call, students formed their teams and then designed and printed custom nameplates using Tinkercad 3D modeling software and MakerBot Replicator 3D printers. During the course of the semester, student teams will take turns updating course happenings on our website. So, please stay tuned to see what amazing things our students will be making!

You can also join us in the journey, by following the class hashtag #makingthings, and perhaps even sharing some relevant resources for our class by using the same hashtag.