"I did not simply learn in this course; this course transformed the way that I think."

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and we have the ability to create functional products on our desktop by using some inexpensive and accessible tools. This course will help you get trained on many of these tools and technologies and make things. We will explore 3D scanning, modeling and printing to rapidly prototype products. We will experiment with open hardware /micro-controllers such as arduinos  and smaller form factors for e-textiles, to explore the concept of the internet of things. We will also have guest lectures in entrepreneurship, design thinking, digital making and some stories from passionate makers from the community and beyond.This  seminar course was first offered in 2015  by Dr. Vishal Sachdev and now offered every spring. Course Code is BADM 357. This is one of two courses at the lab, the other being Making Things. We are thankful for the support from our partners for sponsoring initial cohorts of these courses.

NEW for Spring 2019- This course is now part of a series and will focus on Accessible Product Design, sponsored by the Siebel Center for Design. Selected students from Dr. McDonah’s Disability and relevant design, will be recruited for this course. We will recruit students from other majors besides Business, including Engineering and Design, and teams of three will focus on creating solutions for people across the needs spectrum.

You can keep a weekly track of what the students are learning from their reflections on the class blog

How to Apply: The next session in the upcoming spring semester, will be on Wednesday 9:00 to 11:50am, in BIF 3030(MakerLab) .  If you are an Illinois undergrad student and interested in taking the class, please send your resume to the instructor( Vishal AT illinois DOT edu) , with a short note explaining your interest in the course and any skills/passions in making that you bring to the course. Information System majors in the college of business can use this as an elective. Applications accepted till November 15th and if I get more applications than seats(21) which is likely, I will announce selections on November 16th.


Student Testimonials

"Overall, I think the biggest thing that I learned from taking this class is that I am more capable than I think I am. Having learned all of these skills myself, I have gained the confidence that I can pick up whatever knew skill or technology that I am interested in and drive myself to master that skill. This class will by far be one of my most favorite classes that I have taken during my undergraduate career and I am thankful for the opportunity to have taken it." Norman Reyes - DigitialMaking 2018

"I had a blast learning Digital Making and 3D printing this semester. This course was far more hands-on than any of my previous learning experiences." Jake Price - Digital Making 2018

"Walking into the MakerLab was one of the first times I really felt excitement in one of my classes all year. With MakerBots whirring around the room, creating real objects from digital files as blueprints and plastic filament as substance, I felt extremely overwhelmed by the potential in that room."

"The uses for 3D scanning and printing are endless, and it is so thrilling to be a part of discovering why!"

"And as I am actually a Finance and Accountancy sophomore in the University of Illinois, I didn’t have as many chances to access high tech as engineering students. This [class] really give me the chance to try different ways possible to make an idea come true. "

"As for the Maker Movement, there is a lot of momentum for the MakerLab and its impact on this university."

Hear about one of the student projects which has become a business, creating an impact on several lives