"This class has been unlike any other class I have taken during my undergraduate career. This has absolutely been the best class I have ever taken."

The goal of this course is to give students a hands-on experience in making things. Since this is a hands-on course, there are no exams and few lectures. Instead, we engage in experiential learning, trial and error, and sharing our ideas with others. Specifically, students will plan, design, make, and market a new thing. Their grade will be largely based on the market success of the thing they made. This innovative new course teamed up 21 undergraduate students across business, engineering, and art & design. Each of these 7 teams are tasked with conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing a new product. This is the first course of its type in an American business school. The course was offered in Spring 2014 for the first time, and is now offered every Spring. Course Code is BADM 331. Updates from each of these courses are given below. This is one of two courses at the lab, the other being Digital Making.

We are also thankful for the support from our partners for these courses.

Making Things 2016

We have a great batch of twenty one students this spring. More updates soon.

Making Things 2015

The final video pitches are in!! Another successful Making Things class graduates.

Making Things 2014

The teams have marketing campaigns and displayed their products at the Mini MakerFaire and also presented their pitches to a panel of judges. Here are some links to their social media campaigns.

BOOST Amplify your phone   https://www.facebook.com/boostyourphone

LOOP Your keys, in your color https://www.facebook.com/loopkeychain

They also developed Kickstarter style pitch videos with the help of John Tubbs and the E-learning team in the college of business.
Find out more about how they developed their designs in the posts below. Stay tuned to us on Twitter and Facebook to hear about more exciting product launches.

Student Testimonials

“Though originally skeptical of the idea, I believe that teaming a designer, engineering, and business student together makes perfect sense and was an incredible learning experience for me.”

“It gives you a “real-world” experience to work with students from other disciplines and it felt like we were actually creating our own start-up company.”

“I learned the importance of learning, making, and sharing to promote innovation and share knowledge so that everyone can benefit.”

“I learned more from my classmates in this course than any other course that I have taken because of the environment of sharing and feedback as opposed to competitiveness for the highest grade.”