MakerLab Enables Faculty Research

Jeff LEDLED Professor Jeff Lowenstein (from the Organizational Behavior Group of the Department of Business Administration) recently used the MakerLab to fabricate a prototype of a LED lightbulb for use in class experiments this semester.

In the words of Professor Lowenstein: "The sudden insight, like turning on a light, depends on prior efforts to seek out the switch. In new research, we are examining a challenging but critical area of business insight, which is negotiating valuable agreements. Negotiators benefit for working together to solve problems, and yet negotiators often focus only on their own problems and consider few options. In seeking ways to advance creative problem solving, in our research we are considering the experience of being hands-on with the problem. The MakerLab is allowing us to to do that as we explore negotiating over, of course, lightbulbs!"

We look forward to more faculty using the Lab to enhance their research efforts!