Making Things Class Refines Product Designs

In this week's class, the teams in our class conducted a peer review of each others' designs. Our team reviewed Team 2’s design. Their product (currently unnamed, although we suggested the name “Easy Keasy”) is a key ring holder that fits conveniently in your pocket and can perform functions such as opening bottles. We provided this team with a number of suggestions for improving their design. Our team was critiqued by Team 7. The product we are is a smartphone acoustic amplifier called "Boost." We are currently working on our second design, and so far, it has been very well received. The feedback provided by Team 7 helped us refine our design, which we plan on prototyping tonight. We still need to perfect the weight distribution, the volume, and the size, but are making great progress.Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 7.58.07 PM

Written by Sadie Tepper

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