MakerLab and UI Innovate at EOH

This past Friday the MakerLab partnered up with student organization, UI-Innovate, to share the magic of 3D printing at the Engineering Open House. Each year Engineering Open House attracts thousands of people to learn about innovations at the university and from corporate partners. UI-Innovate heads Jake Smolin and Danny Lohan demonstrated the functionality of the Makerbot to interested visitors by printing Illinois Keychains and Eiffel Towers, and shared how engineering majors are working in a lab in a College of Business and helping people make things. Both children and adults alike marveled at the new dimension of the world that 3D printing revealed .unnamed 20140314_102240

Find out what others are making at the Lab, and come make something.  The makerlab attracts majors from over 20 different units across campus, helping them “Learn, Make and Share”.  Stay tuned to us on twitter or Facebook.