MakerLab hosts several CU area schools.

There is tremendous interest in 3D printing across industry today and in schools as well. We are pleased to host several free tours/workshops for area schools, in line with the university's mission for public engagement and outreach. We were pleased to host students from  Chrisman High school, led by Michael Davison, the Business Education/Technology Coordinator. The visit was hosted by our Guru, Ryan Hurley, a Material Science Major.  One of the students shared their experience at the lab.

Chrisman High School Computer Club had the opportunity to attend an introductory workshop at the Maker Lab. During the workshop, we were able to view a video showcasing the potential power 3-D printing offers. We were also given an explanation of the material engineering field. In addition, we were able to scan our teacher to build a template from which a 3-D model could be made. To conclude, we searched databases of printable 3-D objects. Practical, cost-affordable, and creative are just a few of the many parting thoughts we had as we reflected on our experiences of the Maker Lab. By visiting the Maker Lab, we were able to gain an insight into the manufacturing industry and a unique look at the opportunities the University of Illinois can afford.


Students from University high school, joined us during the Agora Days annual Spring event,  after working on products created by merging geometric shapes with OpenScad at our partner lab, IGL, with Noel Dejarnette. This visit was hosted by our Guru, Jeremy Copley, an Architecture Major.


Earlier in the year, we hosted middle school students from Countryside School in Champaign, in partnership with Illinois Geometry Lab.  It turns out that this technology appeals to a much younger audience too. We look forward to hosting Cub Scouts from 1st to 4th grade from Monticello on April 3rd.

If you are interested in organizing class visits to the lab, drop us a line at uimakerlab AT illinois DOT edu. If you are interested in summer programs at the Lab, we will be available to meet at the Champaign Public Library event to support Home School families.  Details on the workshops will be finalized by middle of april. Sign up for alerts from our Blog by email, or connect with us on  twitter or Facebook to get updates.