Making Things Class Conducts Concept Audit

The goal of the this week's class was to narrow down our three ideas from the previous week to just one!  To do this, each team conducted a Concept Audit. The audit required each team to describe various aspects of their idea, including its design, target market, value proposition, and manufacturing process. Our group (Minion Makers) decided to design a Alma Mater figurine that would be ready for sale just before graduation, which would be a perfect time to market it. We will conduct some concept testing of this idea next week.

To help us with our ideas,

Sergio Poo Dalidet

(a doctoral student in the College of Education at the University of Illinois), visited our class to share the many things that

he has made

using 3D printers in the MakerLab, including musical instruments, replacement parts for broken furniture, and an iPad case. His talk was very inspiring and illustrated how 3D printing can help turn ideas into objects.

Sergio 2
Sergio 2

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