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Team Digicraft
Team Digicraft

Printing. Testing. Redesigning. Repeat. This seems to be the theme of our recent class sessions, including this past week. Every group now has printed at least a couple of prototypes and are getting closer to having a finished product.

Our most recent class began with a Skype conference call with Annie Wang, who is the President of the an additive manufacturing consulting firm, Senvol. As a recent MBA graduate from the Wharton School of Business, she passed along some good tips regarding how to market our products.

After the call, our groups went to work by making small adjustments to our models and developing plans for packaging, sales and branding. Our group, DigiCraft, printed an extensive redesign of our paint can attachment this week with good results and much improved functionality over our old design.

The semester will be ending before we know it!

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