Korean Scholar Visits Making Things Class


Subin Last week's class featured Professor Subin Im from Yonsei University in Korea. Professor Im is an expert in the domains of creativity and innovation and visited our Lab to learn more about the role of 3D Printing in business education. Professor Im shared an example of an innovation project that he uses among his students, which involves the creation of a desk organizer. After hearing from our guest speaker, our class continued working on our prototypes. Our group has already created a working prototype of our product, multiPLY, and we are working to build our inventory. As mentioned a few weeks ago, multiPLY is a bathroom appliance that increases the capacity of toilet paper holders. We also worked on a presentation for local hotels in order to show the added value our product can create in order to improve their operations. In addition, we continued working on our website and social media platforms to prepare for our product launch!

By Team Handmad3

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