MakerLab Shows Off New Ultimaker 2

Quad Day featuring the Ultimaker 2!

MakerLab and MakersUIUC welcomed students to campus on Quad Day 2015. Last Sunday, August 23, MakerLab was very excited to display its new Ultimaker 2 3D printer! The Ultimaker 2 was generously provided to the lab by Ultimaker to help educate students on 3D printing technology and encourage creative design and prototyping. MakersUIUC hosted the table and also shared some of their creations. Students who stopped by the booth were encouraged to write down their ideas for fun projects to build in attempt to inspire creative solutions to common problems.

Ultimaker 2 was generously provided to Illinois MakerLab by Ultimaker

MakersUIUC is a great group on campus that provides students the opportunity to create physical prototypes of their ideas. The group works closely with Makerlab, as they employ 3D printing technology in building their creations. Some of the completed projects that were displayed at the booth were a 3D scanning stand (shown below) and a long board. They also displayed 3D printed statues of some of their members who were scanned using the scanning stand they built. More information about MakersUIUC can be found here:

Students listen as members of MakersUIUC explain their previous projects

Students discuss the Ultimaker 2 and its value to the process of making things