CU Makeathon envisions wearable future.

This CU Makeathon is a 30 hour make-a-thon where participants work together to build physical prototypes and mockups centered around a given theme.  This year the them was designing for the body/wearable technology. CU Makeathon was a very interesting experience as it was an event open up to a wide variety of ages. The MakerLab had the opportunity to assist participants in elementary school, high school, as well as college in their iterative design process. We took several printing orders and ensured that each team could quickly obtain their part so that they can continue assembly.

Participants where able to 3D print on the Ultimaker in house or remotely send prints to the rest of our 3D printers back in the MakerLab.  After prints were sent they could check their progress by watching the webcam on our website .

Although not every team needed a 3D printed part, we educated them and encouraged them to try 3D printing in the future as it unveils a whole new world of possibilities.

IMG_20160402_152709711 (1)IMG_20160402_152706683